Soul Nudges #22 The length of time

The Cambridge English dictionary defines “time” as:

the part of existence that is measured in minutes, days, years, etc., or this process considered as a whole…


Time represents so much more than this doesn’t it?


The way this year started, and everything that happened last year, gives us an unique perspective and sense of time. Where we normally start the year with planners, goals, energy, motivation etc this year started like – “okay let’s see what happens”. I spoke to a CEO/business owner in property development last week who told me he gathers his team annually in the beginning of the year to revisit the end of year strategic plan. The previous night he searched for the strategic notes on his computer, but could not find it anywhere – the last saved strategic notes was October 2019’s plan. With a shock he realised that he/they forgot to do the strategic session in 2020. This story represents the way the year started for many individuals and organisations, as well as families.


I think we have an unique opportunity to balance between short-termism and long term optimism and I’m sensing that we need to do what we can do today and not wait for tomorrow, with an attitude of patience and resilience.


I hear people say the following:

“let’s see what happens”

“no use to plan long term we do not know anyway”

“the normal rhythm is gone”

“this time reminds us of life and priorities”

“we are taking so many things for granted”

“we cannot hide we need to keep going”

“what is God’s plan with this?”


Recently someone also mentioned that one thing we got wrong the past year is the “length of time” concept. Initially, we worked on a 6 months timeframe, which quickly became 18 months and possibly longer…..this phrase “the length of time” stayed with me.


With relatives passing away, people being confronted with mortality, uncertainty and existential challenges we also get an opportunity to re-evaluate life and work. Why do I do what I do, what do I spend my time on and why, what matters most?


On the contrary, we also get a sense of opportunity within all of this. Prof Johann Coetzee, Industrial Psychologist, consultant & lecturer (NWU & University of the Free State) with more than 44 years experience in people development, wrote a book with the title: It’s about time and says:

“take your time, because it is about time, to get serious about the gift of time and do so very quickly”


In the Greek translations of the Bible there are at least 2 words used to refer to time – Chronos & Kairos. Chronos refers to the chronological timeline on your watch/clock or the calendar, where Kairos refers to a moment. Meaningful life is about the balance between chronos-time and kairos-time. And how we will need Kairos moments this year, as the calendar (chronos) became so relative?


So take a few moments (Kairos) to reflect on the following questions:

  • What was your experience of time the past 12 months?
  • How do you prioritize the time that you do have, what do you want to spend it on?
  • How can you make time count moment to moment rather then being bogged down by your chronological clock or calendar?


Whatever your circumstances this year – make time count! Let’s get serious about the gift of time and do so quickly.

Do remember to take time in and find the soulful moments along the way! You are welcome to watch my waterdrop story again or share.

May you and your people find resilience, faith, patience and good health for your journey this year.