André has experience in coaching, counselling and facilitation processes with individuals and corporate teams and has a passion for the development of people. He runs a private practice focussed on coaching and counselling and is also a partner in Plumb Line, an organisational development consultancy situated in Stellenbosch. His vocation is in different sectors, which includes NGO’s, corporate organisations, local government and community projects. One of his many focus areas are to journey with people in their quest for meaning towards more integrated and holistic living through the use of the construct of Spiritual Intelligence. Andre is spending more and more time with organisations and groups on the topic of Soulfulness.

André completed a PhD on the topic of Spiritual Intelligence and the practice of soulfulness in 2015 and completed a certificate with the Oxford Academy of Total Intelligence in 2011 with Danah Zohar.

When Andre is not working with other people he enjoys time with his wife and four children – ideally camping!

In September 2016 I invited Brian Draper to South Africa for an event called Shift Happens.

We gathered organisations, coaches, psychologists, pastors and leaders to collaborate on the question: “how can we collectively and individually awaken to the bigger picture in life and work?” “How can we be part of the solution not the problem?” From this we’ve build a community that together thinks about soulful ways to do life and to respond individually and collectively in small sustainable ways wherever you are. Shift Happens 2016 was so encouraging (watch the video reflection between me and Brian). The journey continues.