“the idea of awakening helped me a lot – it started as a discipline and is becoming a habit which impacts my daily routine”

‘…once again thank you for one of the most empowering workshops I ever attended. Now the challenge is to make the shift.


‘The day after the Shift Happens session I had a guitar lesson and was really struggling and then I thought, “hang on, I’m listening to Self1”  So I switched on Self2, nailed it and got a question “wow what happened there?” from the tutor .

(I’m still not Neil Young … but I’m getting there)’

‘I want to commend you on the Shift Happens retreat on Friday. The venue was so conducive to being alone with God and ones self, to connect with God through nature and being mindful. I left energised, in a great place with God and myself and I was able to begin a new journey of finding my spiritual passion once again- something I have missed for months now.

I felt that the entire retreat was extremely professionally facilitated by you and Brian, and I hope that this is just a start of something new in the local arena of spirituality.’