Christmas in November

I found the Leadership Retreat insightful to deliberately reflect about the year and purposefully plan for the next – just a great day and wonderful to celebrate Christmas in November.

Dawie Malan / FD Alternative Prosperity

Organic Scorecard

“The Organic Scorecard is a practical tool that assess each individual team members’ energy flow and then translate this in a team environment. I found it very helpful as an individual and with Andre’s professional assistance my team could understand where there strengths are as well as their blind spots.”

Marthinus Fourie / MD Bsmart

Soulful Fridays

The result of the Soulful Fridays is long lasting: apart from behavioural change and affirmation of our culture, we have tangible applications…

McElory Hoffmann / CEO Praelexis

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‘Meaning and purpose is created through a good balance between doing and being.’