Soulful Leadership

The Soulful Leadership time with the Exco team was so special – we will remember this long after all the deals and challenges

Pieter Faure / CEO Mergon

Organic Scorecard

“The Organic Scorecard is a practical tool that assesses each individual team members’ energy flow and then translates this in a team environment. I found it very helpful as an individual and with Andre’s professional assistance my team could understand where their strengths are as well as their blind spots.” 

Marthinus Fourie / MD Bsmart

Soulful Fridays

The result of the Soulful Fridays is long lasting: apart from behavioural change and affirmation of our culture, we have tangible applications…

McElory Hoffmann / CEO Praelexis

Christmas in November

I found the Leadership Retreat insightful to deliberately reflect about the year and purposefully plan for the next – just a great day and wonderful to celebrate Christmas in November.

Dawie Malan / FD Alternative Prosperity

Soulful Leadership

The Soulful Leadership process is an inward journey that challenged our leadership team to find inner motivation to lead authentically. The process was well planned and the structured, yet informal to allow space for creativity to flow. The benefit to our leadership team was evident immediately. Teamwork and collaboration has improved and team member actions come from a deeper place of meaning than before.

Renier Kriel / CEO at 4i


‘Meaning and purpose is created through a good balance between doing and being.’