It has been a good few weeks since we gathered organisations, leaders, coaches, psychologists, pastors and individuals for a week with Brian Draper. I am sharing a few personal reflections to keep us aware, to pass it on if you like and to be present to what is emerging amongst us. My overbearing experience during this week was that it doesn’t matter what the context is, we are all looking for the same thing – ourselves! Whether we talked to business leaders, coaches or individuals during the retreat, people were able to re-connect with themselves, their surroundings, God and what they are part of. I realised that it is through small sustainable practical steps that we move into our own journey of transformation – not the big grand achievements, rather the simple stuff. That is what makes SHIFT HAPPEN!

I again realised how in different roles and contexts of life, our own ego-talk pressures us into comparison, competition and control and it was fascinating to help individuals to stop and “overhear” their own ego-talk and think about the effect it has on life, work, family etc. This realisation helps us to move into spaces of collaboration (instead of competition), relationship (not comparison), and just claiming our own gifts (instead of control).  Through this I had to ask the question again: “what matters most to me”? Isn’t this a question that in our fast paced world we need to continuously cultivate and be honest about?

In my own journey with Spiritual Intelligence my belief was strengthened that we need to help each other to move toward soulfulness through small practical sustainable steps and I am so excited to continue working with organisations, leaders and individuals towards the path less taken towards a life of more meaning, more connection and less competition! May you take the time to experience the small nudges of your soul and receive the wisdom to know how and when to act.