End well, rest well, start well
For Leaders & Business Owners

As we approach the end of the year, we tend to rush towards the December break, tired, exhausted and disengaged. Christmas in November is a unique leadership retreat with space for purposeful reflections on the year and soulful planning for next year.

Guided reflections, 
space in nature, 
intentional rest. 

Why Christmas in November?

In 2017, I started battling with deadlines, pressure, time and a lack of capacity. As the 2nd part of the year started the feeling of pressure just kept on piling up. My coach then advised me to just set out a day in November – a day that would allow time and see what emerge.  I didn’t think much of it really, but decided to schedule it anyway.

On that day in November I took the opportunity to intentionally stop, take stock and finish the year well. It was like an early Christmas gift to myself! Needless to say I dubbed it Christmas in November…I realised that we often push so hard towards the end of the year that we crash into our break, disengaged.

This day in November turned into a leadership habit. One I now cannot do without. Since that day, I’ve been celebrating Christmas in November on an annual basis. So instead of just crashing into my summer break, I’m now mindfully closing off each year, to rest well and purposefully enter the new one.

And for the past 4 years, Christmas in November has evolved into an annual Leadership Retreat within my community.


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With this I want to challenge you to schedule your own Christmas in November – whether it’s your own day of reflection or whether you want to join the Leaders Retreat we’re facilitating, just make sure to pin down a date as soon as possible! During the retreat we’ll partake in guided reflections, energy audits, draw up mind maps and soulfully engage with the beautiful environment on San Gabriel Farm close to Stellenbosch.

Make sure to pin down your Christmas in November!